About Us

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What is the COG Space? Well, it’s a social venture that is a hybrid of a co-workspaceoffice and accelerator for small bike businesses. The mission is to bring together Portland-based industry talent in order to share common resources and services, and harness the collective energy to foster new businesses and/or improve existing businesses all while growing the Portland bike culture.

Our vision is small businesses should be focusing on their core product(s), not wasting precious time on administrative tasks. We seek to help bike businesses  continue to innovate, deliver, and drive their organizations to the next milestone. The COG Space looks to move the immovable boulders by offering a shared services model. For more information check out our services page.

If you’re interested in learning more or want to lend a helping hand email for more information.

(Note: This is not the actual the COG Space, but an image found on the inter webs.)