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The COG Space is a concept hybrid of a co-workspaceoffice and accelerator for small bike businesses in Portland, OR.

The mission is to bring together Portland-based industry talent in order to share common resources and services, and harness the collective energy to foster new businesses and/or improve existing businesses all while growing the Portland bike culture.


As of May 1st, we opened our doors at Forge Portland, and operate out of the Tiffany Center in downtown Portland, OR.


The new living wall and private desks!

Kick Portland:




We’re proud to announce that the COG Space is officially the avenue for hosting and facilitating Kick Portland!

Do you have a business idea you want to explore or want guidance launching a new venture? Do you want to  figure out how to improve your enterprise, take a prototype to full-scale, or understand how to raise capital or crowd fund your start-up?

Kick Portland is seeking entrepreneurs who share our values of fostering businesses that meet the needs of a large and growing number of conscious consumers, and who want to create their own success story.

For more information, please checkout Kick Portland!

Thank You…

Thanks to all who contributed to our Indiegogo Campaign. We were able to raise 101% of our goal!

Work in Progress

Construction underway!




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By all accounts, the 1st annual PDX UNbike exceeded all expectations! Over 40+ businesses gathered to discuss challenges and opportunities within the bike industry and to create a collaborative moment towards co-creating solutions. Topics ranged from raising capital to strategic partnerships to inexpensive marketing tools. Several staples and startups were in attendance including: Circa Cycles, North St. Bags, Metrofiets, Civilian Bicycle Co, Portland Pedal Power, TriLibrium, Blaq Paks, Cycle…

Making the Case for Adding Value to Small Businesses and Startups

A common question I often receive when working with a client is, “I love the COG Space idea, but, how can it help me?” This makes perfectly good sense, especially to the small business owner. Let me answer this question by demonstrating where the COG Space adds value to small businesses and startups: 1. Cost…

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What is the COG Space?
The COG Space Mind Map

What is the COG Space? …is it a workspace? Is it a consulting company? Is it an incubator or accelerator? I’m often asked the aforementioned questions, the answer is it depends.  The COG Space is designed to fill the needs of the Portland bike business community, whatever they may be. Rather than choosing a set of…